August 25th, 2008

and the wank continues to bring in the gems...

koritsimou on aria_star in sf_drama:

Whatever your real name is, you're the most fucked up wannabe-lawyer-father's-rights-advocate-former-head-of-corporation-backyard-breeder-seamstress-attention-whore-former-fattie-pro-ana-once-molested-fucktard-IVF-wanting-descendant-of-Pocohontas-omg-so-spensive-where-I-live-HEY-YOU-GUISE-I'M-GETTIN'-MARRIED idiot to ever hit the internets.

Context is long, but comes with plenty of LULZ.
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tetrabinary posted some odd art. Some cheer, some jeer, some offer in-depth commentary.
Because in the painting, Angelina is clearly the Blessed Virgin figure, depicted wingless in classic art, and Shiloh, also wingless is, the infant Christ, the "fruit of her womb." As the other two children are not biological infants, the artist has chosen to depict them as cherubs attending the mother and child, again, a convention of classic artistic portrayals of the divine mother and child.

I knew all those art classes would come in handy one day.

QWP and context is helpful.