August 19th, 2008


Felisdemens anticipates the Fay-induced travel follies.......

My projected return trip

Step 1: Eat breakfast.

Step 2: Call Continental and speak to dumbfounded knob who knows nothing of hurricanes.

Step 3: arrive at LAX and sit on tarmac with no air conditioning for four hours

Step 4: Arrive in Houston to find that all flights to FL have been canceled due to hurricane

Step 5: Attempt to find another flight. Fail miserably.

Step 6: Attempt to wrangle hotel voucher out of Continental. Fail miserably. "Act of God" my serene indigenous ass.

Step 7: Huddle under airport bench clutching laptop to meager bosom for 11 hours.

Step 8: Punch grannies and babies in face to get seat on next plane to PBI.

Step 9: Attain seat only to find flight rerouted to Guam.

Step 10: Sit on tarmac for six hours next to flatulent, talkative yob.

Step 11: Arrive in Guam. Purchase tent. Set up housekeeping. 

Context is QWP and "hunkered down"
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Munchkin - Moby Duck

Wherein artemis_archer chronicles the travails of the fleeing comestibles...

We have evacuated what perishables we could

Salami: Everyone stay single file.

Turkey Breast: Liverwurst where are you!?

Liverwurst: Mom don't call me that in front of everyone! My name is Ken!

Provolone: Stay together kids, if you fall on the floor the dogs will get you.

Pepperjack: Monterrey, Colby, stick close! We're almost out.

Bologna: Get out of my way! I won't rot here!

Ricotta: Shut up Oscar! We're all scared of molding!

Swiss: I'm staying out of this.

Gorgonzala: I don't understand what you're all so worried about...

Context would just like a gorram working refrigerator, kthxbye.

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synthesize ponders perplexing pictures:

...How come anatomy diagrams are always circumcised? It seems rather counterintuitive. "We're going to teach you about everything except foreskins."

Context? There is none. Presumably it's hiding with the uncut anatomical diagrams. QWP nonetheless.