August 15th, 2008

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Oh, the poor dear (ow!)

silverblue discusses the latest political commentary:

Rush, Rush, I know, it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Heck, it's like taking the barrel, cracking it open, watching the fish expire on the ground and then claiming you caught them fair and square. In any case, his current gem is that male politicians have affairs because their wives talk too much and don't give them enough oral sex. Apparently women who are intelligent are bad for men, because intelligence makes them nags. I don't know, I can't summon any outrage over this because it's Rush Limbaugh and it's a little like watching a severely retarded rottweiler biting on things. You vaguely wish it wouldn't bite, but it's so pathetic you almost feel sorry for it (admittedly, we're all aware it should be humanely euthanised).

leaf on the wind

Crafty trees.

profundis is having a shaky morning...

"If a tree falls and nobody hears it does it still shake the house? It was apparently a tree being cut down - a rare cultivar of Southern Ninja Pine that crashes steathily to the ground and delivers its "quivering house" chi attack silently. Crafty trees."

Public post in the atlanta comm, but QWP anyway...