August 13th, 2008

Lil Formers - Optimus - WTF?
  • xany

Wait... how do we do this again?

rob_t_firefly on micromanagement:

"Form feet and legs!"

"Yeah, we've been forming the feet and legs every day for several years now, but thanks for reminding us how to perform our one function in this routine process. Really boss, thanks. Hey, I'm having soup for dinner tonight. Can you come by and remind me how to eat it? 'Put spoon in bowl!' 'Fill spoon with soup!' and so on. I could totally use your support there."

Context sometimes forgets that it's socks first, then shoes.

notgruntled thinks nostalgia has gone too far . . .

I've learned to tolerate the relentless '80s music, and if Dexy's Midnight Runners came to Atlanta, I might even buy a ticket. I've learned to cope with the fact that there will be an A-Team movie and a new Knight Rider series. When jellies appeared on store shelves again, I faced it stoically.

But I need to have a few words with the son of a bitch who gave the green light to the Soviet Union Reunion Tour.