August 6th, 2008

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But do they do windows?

In the best_thing_ever quarter-finals, rdbelcher ponders lie detectors v. teleporters:
I guess Lie Detector could also lead to Space Travel...

You: So, is teleportation possible?
Astrophysicist: Absolutely not. Don't be silly.
You: That's not what this thingy here tells me. Try again. Is teleportation possible?
Astrophysicist: Yes, but only in theory.
You: Is teleportation possible?
Astrophysicist: (sigh) Let me show you my secret teleporter.
Context prefers RIF mules to warm cookies.
Meepit must eat you!!

clockwork_night on the Olympics

“Seriously though, watching the Olympics is a lot like a reaaaaaaaaally awkward family reunion. Where there are so many debaucherous and illicit activities going on that the guests have half forgotten all of the deeds and partners in crime, so they're incredibly cautious about who they're talking to about what. "Is that Aunt Carol in the kitchen?" "I don't know, was that the codeword to buy weed?" "Haha, sure let's go murder grandpa and collect the insurance."”

QWP, context is friends-locked over here.