August 3rd, 2008

where girlvinyl asks for sandwich-birthday fashion advice

girlvinyl stumbles across this article on the web: Kim Kardashian Celebrates the Big Mac's Birthday.

Things that are fucking bizarre about this:
  • They are touching a giant Big Mac
  • They went to a birthday party for a SANDWICH
  • There was a RED CARPET at the sandwich's birthday party
  • These two "ladies" were special guests on honor.
  • That Kim girl is wearing "shortalls" with a bikini top, as an "outift". Maybe I am just not up to speed on the proper attire for a SANDWICH'S BIRTHDAY PARTY

Flocked, QWP.

Context is on the red carpet.. with a giant fibreglass sandwich.
Little Delirium

shinywen sees a rainbow!

So then God made a promise...

...and said "Yea, verily, whenever it rains, should your balcony be on the other side of the rain from the sun, I shall break light into its refractive parts and make a meteorological phenomenon that shall make it worth being up at 6am on a Sunday."

("Oh but, about the flooding, I might do that again.")

Context has a pretty picture!
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