August 2nd, 2008

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[info]faeryfroggy learns that the "In Soviet Russia" macro is not as funny in real life.

Russian guy wins a Jackpot. Walking away with one of the security guards, I say (in a bad Russian accent), "In Soviet Russia, jackpot hits you."

He kind of just stared at me as if I had actually started speaking in Russian. Sadness. Much sadness.

Context thought it was funny anyway.

Open post, QWP.

A couple of people had to move out. But that was about it, really.

opalcat: Summarizing the Holocaust as being "thousands of people killed" is like summarizing Katrina by saying "it rained some."

qt3_14159: It was a little breezy too.

I heard they lost electricity for a while, too.

A couple of windows were broken too.

A couple of people had water damage, but it was no big deal.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, a couple of shingles blew off here and there.

I heard they had kayak races down the one or two flooded streets.

And didn't it come out that some government worker didn't care about a few people?

Nah... maybe a passing indifference... ;)

Context also thinks there was a fire or something in Hiroshima.