July 31st, 2008

warwolves, seiberwing and magyck discuss the Joker

On Sues attempting to snare Joker in fics:

[info]warwolves: Trying to get in the Joker's pants would probably get you killed.
The only question is whether it would be by the Joker himself or Harley.

[info]seiberwing: Perhaps by booby traps ins his pants?

[info]magyck:...again, were they set by the Joker or Harley?
I can envision him thinking that the traps were absolutely amazing. I can also imagine Harley putting them in there because she was pissed about... something.

[info]seiberwing: Maybe Harley's guarding her territory, which in this case is the Joker's groin.

Context has the Joker's pants. (now QWP)
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K-Box cartoon

Giving "bigger on the inside" a whole new meaning

seriousfic contemplates the prospect of Doctor Who porn:
    British porn? I think we know what that would be like...

    Martha: You know Doctor, we could be having sexual intercourse right now...

    Doctor: Yes, but let's not.



    Luke: Mom, if you starred in an American MILF hunter film, you'd... you'd tell me, right?

    Sarah-Jane: ...why of course, sweetie.
Context is a bit self-indulgent. ;)