July 30th, 2008


Better fabulous than never

random00b, in response to a complaint in blackfolk about the lateness of the new Harry Potter trailer:

Warner Bros. knows that the trailer could be two minutes of Dumbledore singing YMCA and that movie would still make $300M worldwide when it's released. They've got serious built-in audience.

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I would love to see The Dark Knight on IMAX, but the only one around here is tasked for educational purposes and only shows films like Dolphins of the Deep, Holy Fuck, It's a Shark!, Creatures of the Deep, Here's Some Clownfish Or Some Shit, Depths of the Deep, and Holy Fuck, It's A Shark! in 3D.

--Miss alexandraerin, over here

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chiller sums up Day 7 of a bad coding run:

The deadline approaches. You have plucked out every hair in your right eyebrow. You pass through the stage of hitting the keys with sharp little one-fingered jabs and becoming insanely irate when you hit a wrong key, as if it's the keyboard's fault. You conclude that it is the keyboard's fault. You pick the keyboard up and bang it repeatedly on the desk. Note-books are building up around you with increasingly illegible scrawl on them. You are never going to document this thing. Once this thing's working, you never, ever, ever want to look at it or think about it again. Ever. EVER. Your variable names are all swear words. Your telephone answering technique has dissolved into "WHAT NOW?", and when the frightened person on the other end says they will call back at a more convenient time, you slam the receiver down before snarling "Fuck. The fuck. OFF." at it. You remember that hanging up does not disconnect the call, so they heard you. You are glad.

You are no longer fragrant.

Context needs a new keyboard and a stiff drink.
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cymbal_rush, on a discussion of Linux vs. other OSs on xkcd_rss:

This is why you use OS X instead. That way, instead of obsessing over kernel compilation parameters, wifi drivers, and worrying about whether or not installing a security update will blow away your DNS server zones, your time is freed up to shop for black turtlenecks, practice your expressions of smug self-superiority in front of a mirror, and quietly install a pirated copy of XP in a Boot Camp partition so you can play some real games.

Public post, context is compiling.

On Ye Olde Constitution

a_silent_spark: I love the "freedom from / of religion" argument, particularly since it seems to most often originate with folks whose M.O. also includes convincing others that their Invisible Man in the Sky ™ is the only one that is real, and if you should disagree, you're destined to a very uncomfortable place with fire and tiny little red men with crude farming implements.

QWP from my very own locked post regarding the latest shenanigans over at PZ Meyers' blog.