July 26th, 2008


Do not taunt Beeritol®.

I am currently medicating my destroyed back, leg and shoulder muscles with high dosages of Beeritol®. Talk to your doctor to see if Beeritol® is right for you. Beeritol® is an ingested maintenance prescription treatment for pain problems associated with conventions.

Beeritol® does not replace cessation of comic creation or avoidance of conventions.

Do not swallow the Beeritol® capsule. It is made of glass and is very large.

Do not get Beeritol® in your eyes.

The most common side effect with Beeritol® is drunkenness. Others include constipation and problems shutting the hell up. For a complete list of reported side effects, ask your doctor or pharmacist. Tell your doctor about your medicines, including eye drops, and illnesses like glaucoma and urinary or prostate problems. These may worsen with Beeritol®. If you have vision changes, eye pain, your breathing suddenly worsens, you get hives, or your throat or tongue swells, stop taking Beeritol®. Or take even more Beeritol®.

–As per usual, this shit is from Mr. flemco, QWP