July 21st, 2008


cadhla on metaquotes XVIII: Lilly vs. the laptop

You see, my cat had -- in her inimitable fashion -- decided that my suitcase isn't the real harbinger of Mommy Going Away. No, the lack of my laptop is what means I won't be staying. I'm sure you can guess where I'm going with this.

My cat tried to set up my computer.

Seriously. She dug the cords out of the bag I'd used to carry them onto the plane, dumped them under my desk, did the same with the mouse, and woke me up with the noises she made when she was trying to use her teeth to lever the laptop case out of the bag. I'm really not sure what she would have done if she'd managed to succeed, but just the attempt was insanely adorable, in that whole 'you're going to conquer the planet just to keep me from leaving the bedroom, aren't you?' sort of a way. Lilly is very, very glad to have me back.

Context is wiping cat spit off her computer.
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