July 19th, 2008

hearts in canada 2

Kids these days...

sleveen muses on the incomprehensibility of some young net-denizens, and makes an important qualification:

I don't mean the acronyms like LOL and WTF and STFU, which have been around since I've been on the Internet - back in the days of Usenet and Gopher, before the WWW had even raised its pewling head from the seething mass of digital afterbirth.

Flocked but QWP. In context's day, Sonny, we had to spell-check by looking in books.
Rainbow Brite!

I've never seen "It's a Wonderful Life" and get this all the time.

Imagine, for example, that you are at a party. Someone says, "OMG, have you seen Firefly?" And then you say, "Yeah, I watched it. I thought it was pretty-" and they're already off and running, talking about how great it was, and then other people come over, and they all circle jerk about how fantastic the show is and OMG LETS QUOTE LINES AND SING VERSE AFTER VERSE OF THAT SONG ABOUT JAYNE BEING A HERO BECAUSE UR NOT A TROO FAN UNLESS YOU HAVE IT MEMORIZED!!!11!!!1! And you're kind of like, "Yeah, um, it's a good show," but now you're subjected to endless fangurl/boi squeeing.

Alternately, having not seen it, when they say, "OMG, have you seen Firefly," and you said, "No, I haven't, I'm really not intere-" and they're off and running with "OMG YOU HAVE TO SEE IT I WILL LOAN YOU MY DVDS IF YOU SWEAR ON A STACK OF BIBLES YOU WILL TREAT THEM BETTER THAN YOUR OWN CHILDREN." And you're kind of like, "I have lived my life this long without seeing it and feel no gaping void in my soul, so thanks, but no thanks."

gwynethfar doesn't fap in polite company.