July 18th, 2008

K-Box cartoon

NuWho gender roles, as understood by children:

guiltysecret79 posted on doctorwho about her son bringing his Sonic Screwdriver toy to school:
    "So you're going to play at being the Doctor with your friends?" I asked.

    "Oh no mum, we're not playing. There's monsters digging tunnels under the school and we have to stop them," he replied, deadly serious. "Lila's going to help me. She's got red hair so she's going to be in charge like Donna."

    Nice to see a youngster understanding the fundamental order of things, isn't it. *giggle*
Context recalls his own childhood memories of playing Doctor Who, when even a feminist role model like Sarah Jane was The Girl Who Needed To Be Rescued. :)
vix3n-wiccan: ani

This post? James Joyce.

beardedtroll knows who's responsible:

"Korean War? James Joyce. Cholera? James Joyce. Windows Vista? James Joyce. The mess in Iraq? James Jo-- okay, that one was Bush. Sub-prime crisis? James Joyce. Olympics in Bejing? James Joyce. James Joyce? I have not idea how he manage to pull it off, but that was James Joyce too."

Context also thinks James Joyce needs mecha. QWP from BRPS.
FTM: Euphony happy

In which erinlin has poor impulse control.

Internal monologue while dusting the Erotica section:

"Ok, I can do this. I am calm. I am mature. I am a calm, mature adult, and I can do this. And I don't need to pick up the books with the tips of my fingers, or make weird faces, or scrub my hands afterwards. The people who shop in this section are perfectly normal people, with healthy adult - ohhhh is that The Year's Best Gay Erotica? NO MUST FOCUS."

Context is all she wrote.
nick (by wych)

zeppo attends a screening that accidentally skips ahead a reel...

At this point I did what any self respecting geek would do I clapped my hands over my ears and shut my eyes singing "lalalalalala" so no more of the movie would be ruined for me.
Finally the house lights came up and the screen went blank. Rogue popcorn kernels and flying candy boxes expressed the extreme anxiety of the room. A girl one seat in the row ahead turned around and glared at me and said aloud, "what is going on?!," I told her a reel was missing and she gave me an extreme bitch look as if I was personally responsible. I fantasized about holding a 9 volt battery to her lip piercing.

Context does not want spoilers for The Dark Knight, thank you very much.
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asterlyte has one teensy problem with the aweomeness that is TDK

"One thing did bother me: I couldn't figure out why Eyeliner-Man had to have eyeliner. He was some sort of public official, and, as far as I'm concerned, public officials should only wear eyeliner if they're female. He reminded me of the dancing eunich in Alexander with his eyeliner. It was unsettling."

context will live long enough to see you become the villain

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