July 17th, 2008

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agoodshinkickin on recent political moves by the Department of Health and Human Services:

I'm trying to decide whether or not to call the Department of Health and Human services in order to tell them that as a pharmacist I applaud the new Federal measure to allow me to practice my love with my patrons by not hindering my philosophical beliefs. And that from this point on I will be denying medication from anyone who does not practise my preferred version of birth control.
That being lesbian sex.

No you can't have Viagra, but you can have this wonderful toaster!


Judgemental footwear and Voire Dire

felisdemens catches up on her ranting........

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If your shoes are not made out of whole, semi-live babies, anyone who bases their full opinion of your character on the color of your goddamned shoes desperately requires a thorough application of the "welcome to reality" ray. Since this ray is sadly still in production, you'll need to substitute a piece of rebar.

- the unbelievable stupidity of the other people being considered for jury duty with me. Every one of these lovely citizens was given a piece of paper asking the questions they needed to answer. These brain teasers included stumpers like "Are you married?" and "Where do you live?" in bolded, 24 point text. We were given ten minutes or so to look at the questions and perhaps make some quick calculations in order to formulate some sort of answers.

The knuckle draggers with whom I was trapped immediately jammed these pieces of paper into their capacious nostrils and sat there hooting and occasionally swiping the drool from their slack-lipped, gaping maws.

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is QWP and just performing its civic duty, ma'am.
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