July 16th, 2008


poxy_report is trying to watch Dr Horrible on a brand new laptop, in outback Queensland.

poxy_report is trying to watch Dr Horrible on a brand new laptop, in outback Queensland. (for those unfamiliar with Qld, their internet is still carried on the back of kangaroos)

It's like having the greatest sports car driver in the world racing in a golf buggy. He has all the skills and the knowledge, but that isn't going to help him when the competition is driving V8s or whatever. I don't understand racing.

Context loves Vista.
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PR || Cosmos

tom_kiper sends 'healing vibes':

I just heard that my friend's dear kitteh is on the operating table to have the growth removed. I'll be praying as hard as I can for the kitteh and I'd appreciate it if you would send all the prayers you can her way too, or whatever good wishes are appropriate for your personal belief system. Please, it means a lot to me that kitteh gets all the good vibes she can.

"Put down the Necronomicon."


"And take off that get-up. The tiara doesn't even suit you."


Entire post, flocked and quipped (ETA: means 'friendslocked and QWPed' cuz I'm a dork)
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Izzard: St. Bastard

And today's violation of your basic human rights is...

chibi_trillian responds to the HHS moving to define contraceptives as abortion:

Man, if they're defining life as starting at conception, God is America's biggest abortion provider, considering only one out of every six fertilized eggs manages to sort itself out enough to implant and after that about a quarter of those implantations wind up in miscarriage, frequently before a woman is aware she's pregnant. That means God Himself personally takes out 87.5% of precious conceived human souls. God should be banned.

Context is an abomination unto Nuggan.
deelieboppers sharpened

badmagic feels slighted by the republican party

Somehow it started with McCain and Social Security before ending with
Dammit, I was promised that once this vaccine was available, people would be noncarcinogenically f***ing in the streets. First they were wrong about WMDs, and then, that tax cuts pay for themselves, and that Brownie was doing a heck of a job. Now this. How much more disappointment are we supposed to take?
Context (with naughty words intact) includes links, other false promises and a poll entitled, What would it take to turn you into a raging slut?