July 14th, 2008


copperbadge’s care package from Mom includes...

A tote bag. Do you people have any idea how many tote bags she's given me? Four counting this one. And I don't use any of them, but apparently she couldn't resist sending just one more, because this one is collapsible. News story: ALL TOTEBAGS ARE COLLAPSIBLE. They're made out of fabric.

Context also has a booklight with three settings: Blinding, Only A Little Blinding, and Off.

Adventures of Young Jesus

boutell waxes sacrilegious:

Just what exactly did Jesus do before he was thirty?

Jesus secretly ate dog biscuits when he was four. His friends asked him to share. Somehow there were enough for the entire preschool.

Jesus had a stuffed archangel named "Gabriel" and another named "Michael." Eventually they got moldy and all their feathers fell out, but by that time they were real. They were real because his love made them real. No, really, it did. They could fly and everything.Collapse )

Context wonders what it's doing in this handbasket.