July 12th, 2008

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almightyhat has a roof rat problem.

So. Into my hands, little roof ratlet, before you can eat the soap or something stupid. Yep, into my hands, onto my shoulder, into my hair, and down my back. Then jumping to the tub. There followed a short damp race, as the ratlet popcorned about the tub like its little ratty ass was on fire and I attempted to catch the sprightly little mofo.

I did not catch the sprightly little mofo. The sprightly little mofo sought refuge UP MY PANTS.

Context should have known better.

A debate over the mechanics of getting pregnant leads to this:

midori_no_sora: If she had ovulated lately, then yeah, unless there was something wrong with her lady parts, she'd probably get pregnant. But one doesn't always have a ovum floating about in one's womb, and without that a baby cannot result, regardless of the degree to which the woman has been ejaculatd into.

bluebombardier: But one doesn't always have a ovum floating about in one's womb

For some reason, this sentence brought to mind the image of a pinball machine shaped like a uterus. The theme totally works, too. It'd be an awesome game. Ball leaves fallopian tube, dings around the womb, and as you rack up points, a fetus on the screen starts to develop, and if the ball drops past the flippers, the baby's miscarried.

I mean, I'd play it.

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