July 9th, 2008


Because 'religion' and 'humor' can too fit in the same set of entry tags...

Over on customers_suck the comments (in particular one from alexandraerin) take a turn for the hilariously descriptive:

See, the idea that they "are" the pagan holidays bothers me. People act like "pagans" were a monolithic group with their own dogma and rules and they came up with these. No. Nobody invented the solstices. Nobody copyrighted the need for a bit of hope on the longest, darkest night of the year. Nobody holds a patent on the idea of a festival of renewal and life in the spring.

Frankly, the way some of my pagan friends go on about this (note: I'm pagan myself), it sounds like it went like this:

Christian Missionaries: Hey, guys! Come to our Yulefest!
Heathens: Um, okay!
Christian Missionaries: We tricked you! IT'S CHRISTMAS NOW! YOU'RE ALL CHRISTIANS!
Heathens: LOL you got us good.

Whereas it more likely went down like this:

(Soon To Be Former) Heathen: Hmmm, having concluded that I'm getting a raw deal under the existing order, as 99% of humanity has for 99% of history, I'm intrigued by this new religion that promises blessings for the meek and the poor and says that the last shall be first. But hey, here comes midwinter... and there's my friends still celebrating. Guess I'll join them. LOL.

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erf_ boggles at "Christian counterculture":

"Nobody ever talks about a Christian conspiracy running the government because it would be the worst-kept secret ever."

QW(slightly apprehensive)P, context is dangerously thoughtful (erf_ is also Christian, for the record).

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On a bee tattoo which the mock-ee claimed could "offend or frighten people".

guardian_erin: Perhaps she was allergic...

STILL, since when is a bee an offensive image? It's not like it was a bee with a skull face shooting up heroin while riding on a motorcyle with a nude stripper draped in its lap while it pops a wheelie and runs over hundreds of dying, bloody babies that are also being consumed by Satan with fire burning in the distance and 'UR MOM' written in smoke while-

You get the idea.

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