July 8th, 2008

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vulgarweed has an insight to share about Captain Jack Harkness:

Considering the way time works in the DW/TW 'verse, it's possible that Jack could find a way to have (or maybe, to have already had) sex with someone he hasn't even met yet.

Context deals with likelihood of soon-after-first-meeting intimacies between fictional characters.
deelieboppers sharpened

Tazira wonders about testing this hypothesis...

Once we get past the inevitable initial spate of mental images, I ask, because I have to, "How are they planning on measuring that, exactly? Does a specialist go in there with a pen and a clipboard, asking awkward questions like, 'So, um, how's the rape going for you? Been doing any raping lately?'"

Context's theory is that natural light will make prisons safer.

(Other comments amuse in other ways, as we all find ourselves together in the handbasket.)