July 6th, 2008


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tharain has a psychic vision:

In other news, a crow landed in my rigging, pooped on my boat, and flew off. And so, by this omen, I know that this afternoon I will meet a dark, handsome man who will light briefly in my life, dump his emo crap, and take wing.

Context isn't optimistic about his chances.

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katieliz with a joke that doesn't need a punchline:

My mother, it should be noted, doesn't really use the internet, so has no idea why this is funny.

So my cat is walking dangerously close to the chocolate chip muffins she just made.

me: No, cat.
mom: She shouldn't be hungry. She had the rest of your dinner.
me: *pause* She ate my cheeseburger? My cat ate a cheeseburger?
mom: Well, she was looking at it like she wanted it."

Context can has unlocked entry