July 4th, 2008


amy_wolf tries to explain bisexuality

2) "Just because they had one canon love interest of the opposite sex doesn't mean they can never be with someone of their own gender. Bisexuality exists. In fact, you even get people with heavy preferences one way, and rare moments of attraction/involvement the other way."

"Nuh-uh! Everyone's either completely straight or completely gay!"

"What about bisexuals?"

"They're just indecisive. Once they meet the right man or woman, they'll find their actual sexual orientation and not be at all attracted to the opposite sex."

"So if a woman who's been interested in several men dates a woman, she's a complete lesbian who doesn't like men at all, and can never be interested in a man again?"


At which point, I realize I'm talking to Joss Whedon, and forget about the argument in favor of asking for his autograph.

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Ben Franklin- 1776

meus_ovatio on a Denver anthem kerfluffle:

Oh snap. He almost walked off stage. Damn that is some tough shit right there. That is one fucking patriot I tell you. Don't mess with that guy. He almost walked off the stage!

Hell, its easy to be a patriot these days. Have a flag or two, sing a song or two, fuck, it's a cake-walk. Get angry enough to almost do things, like, you know, almost enlist.

I'm proud of our patriots, who nearly stand-up everyday and almost do something. They're true heroes who understand that you don't actually need to do things as long as you act right and have the right accessories.

I'm a patriot! Why? Because I'm angry!

I almost thought of a funny context line.

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sparkindarkness does not like accountants...

ACCOUNTANTS Mr. C. They made me do MATHS. They had CALCULATORS and BALANCE SHEETS and spoke in a language that wasn’t even tangentially related to English or common sense. I don’t do maths, Mr. C. I’m a lawyer, I’m a language person, not a number person. I was not amused.

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