July 2nd, 2008

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On the possible news

cbpotts was rather startled by the news in her largely rural community:

Our local news anchor closed the show this morning by noting that a madman with a bulldozer went on a rampage and that we'd all be hearing about it on the Today show. Guess what little tidbit she left out? You're right: where the bulldozer incident occurred. You'd think that would be important. All over the North County, the wives and women of heavy equipment operators who left the house in a piss ass mood this morning had to turn into the Today show with bated breath, certain their sweetie had finally lost it.

Safe, at least, another day.

Context is being soothed by the Today show.
canadian borg

felis_ultharus is festive

I thought I'd pop in to wish a happy Dominion Day to all those Vorta and Jem'Hadar out there. Canada turns 141 today, so it's high time we began our conquest of the Alpha Quadrant.

In more personal news, I finished the climax of (the fifth version of) my novel today. I'm pleased with it -- best climax I ever wrote, and better than any I had with my last boyfriend. The novel has the added advantage of still being there in the morning.

Context is beginning to mistrust the Solids.
Me - Flirting with the camera.

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Oh the things that plasmonicgrid will show me:

And next, I shall introduce you to Ume Plum Concentrate. You'll be able to vibrate at such a speed that you'll be able to measure the eventual and inevitable cold death of an inflationary universe. You'll be able to observe the cycles of vibrations of subatomic matter, watch it. observe it. revel in its structure, the magnificence of superstrings twining together into matter as we know it. You will know the differences between the cycles, for each will happen and it will feel to you that hours had passed.. versus the fraction of an instant of a nothingness of time between even thoughts and our reality.

You shall gaze upon the creations of our reality. To gaze upon the hidden secrets of god himself.. and then you shall say. "yo'motherfuckingYahwehweeeeee!"

And your coworkers will think you're mumbling to yourself.. like a chipmunk in fast forward. :-)

Context apologises for the inconvenience.

Wherein Felisdemens is kept company by her Felines of the Night.....

I woke up, fiddled with the thermostat, had some tea, fiddled with the laptop. Immediately all the cats descended upon me. Tynas draped her flab over the back of my chair and put her tail in my ear. Yanaglatchey collapsed on his back at my feet like a fainting goat. The Dingo leapt into my lap, rolled his eyes back into his head in ecstasy, and slobbered with joy. He's the only lap cat we have, although his affections usually only last for four minutes or so before he gets a secret cat fax and has to rush off at top speed.

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Context is QWP and goes "EEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIGHHH" in the night......
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