June 29th, 2008

CATS is fucking metal

Sometimes, being a monumental dork pays off

Whoever said dying of cholera wasn't a marketable skill?

Last week I submitted a resume to a local company that specializes in developing classroom technology for teachers. I listed "Slytherin Prefect at Hogwarts Elite" as previous job experience, put the H_E Slytherin Head Girl as a professional contact, and wrote a screwball cover letter mentioning the fact that I learned to read from playing text adventure RPG's on a Commodore 64 and making reference to my "Oregon Trail glory days on an Apple IIGS" in response to a question about proficiency with Apple OS.

I laughed my ass off and forgot about it.

I have an interview on Monday.

Thus spaketh pikacharma

(QWP, and the interview was last Monday, the 23rd. I was asked to wait before posting this as to not jinx it)

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Fun and Games, Hudson

R is for Roommate, and that's good enough for me.

copperbadge sums it up neatly:

I have learned in my time with R that nothing is ever simply a thing with him. Everything is always a prelude to some form of insanity. It's like living with the prologue of a Shakespearean comedy. It starts out as some discourse on history or plants or something and before you know it you're in Padua, beating your wife with a turkey leg.

Context is rooming with a chair-peddling bluesman.
Red Dwarf, eww, that's so wrong, wtf
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ironychan sees something interesting while working in the deli...

See, round about 3 PM I glanced into the sink and thought, "huh, the gunge looks like a face today". And then I did what must've been a very impressive double-take, because I realized that the face in the gunge was that of Che Guevara. I am so not kidding. I called in a couple of co-workers and said, "guys, what do you see in the sink?" And they looked and went, "woah, viva la revolucion!"

My first thought was, "I don't have my camera! Livejournal will never believe me without pictures! And this would have made an awesome icon!"

My second thought was, "the sink gunge is going to overthrow us and take control of the kitchen! We have to strike first!"

The sleeves went up, the gloves went on, and I gave that sink drain the cleaning of its life. Afterwards I took my break, bought myself a donut, and relaxed, secure in knowing that la revolucion had been nipped in the bud. We laughed about it later and a co-worker asked me what I would have done if it had been the Virgin Mary in the sink. I said I would have cleaned it anyway, because it would be really hard to get the dishes washed with pilgrims coming to bathe in the healing waters of our sink.

Context is wiping out both the left wing and the Catholics with the power of bleach.