June 28th, 2008

Let's get shitfaced

Rubyphoenix discovers the Lion King is a prediction for the '08 elections

I just watched The Lion King (on VHS, no less) with a couple glasses of wine. maybe it's the sauvignon blanc talking, but this movie is super political.

Shit was all wine and roses when Mufasa was in charge (the democratic party, if you will). people had enough food, wildebeests got eaten and shit, but still the economy of Pride Rock was in an upswing. you gotta kill a few wildebeests if you want to get by. it's not a perfect administration after all, but Mufasa's approval rating was pretty high. But then the haters come along, get all jealous cuz Mufasa's getting shit done and they swear they can do it better. So they do some dirty underhanded shit to get in office and get with some slick talking guy. he doesn't have any plans, he just thinks he can do a good job because he's spent so much time hating, and plus his family member did it, so why can't he?

turns out this dude can't do shit. the economy is crashing, lions are going hungry, the primary food and energy source has moved on to greener pastures, literally. meanwhile, the HNIC is still acting like he's hot shit, and don't you dare say anything about that punk ass Mufasa in front of him. he'll just remind you about how Mufasa had sex with that other lioness and popped off on her back once. who wants a ruler like that? you're better off starving, man.

until one day, they go to the middle of nowhere and find some young new dude that's really always been around. he's listened to the old ideas and wants to implement his new knowledge, but there's still some old haters who want to keep him out, even though they KNOW the new guy isn't getting the job done. even though they hated Mufasa, they still remember that they atleast had a little something when he was in office. So the young guy comes back, even gives dude an out and offers him to walk away quietly, but of course he has to fight dirty until the end. But eventually in the movie, and hopefully in November, Simba takes over Pride Rock. And all is right in the land.

except the wildebeests will still get eaten.

context may be a little tipsy