June 27th, 2008

daniellafromage on the frustrations of creativity...

Perhaps my masterpiece is Citizen Dane, the tale of the enigmatic Olaf the Bard, documenting his rise from lowly town crier all the way up to composer of EPIC POEMS for his Viking lords. On the way, it also explores Olaf's gradual disillusionment with the Valhallan Dream and his dependence on mead and tavern wenches, before Olaf finally becomes a hardened shell of his former self.

And while all this is going on, there's also the mystery of WHO IS ROSENGARD and then right at the end it's revealed that Rosengard was Olaf's childhood longboat which represented the happiest time in his life. SHEER BRILLIANCE. Orson Welles, you bastard. I can't believe you got there first.

--from here, QWP