June 26th, 2008

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Blood is thicker than glue?

weds on how some women stay one with The Goddess:

erynn999 Though I have read far too many of the "wimminz spirituality" books that talk about how wonderful our moon flow is and how we are now one with The Goddess. What, they're not one with The Goddess the rest of the time too?

weds Of course they're still one with the Goddess! They're just not glued to her with their endometrium.

God only knows what they use for adhesive the rest of the month.

QWP. Context wants its chocolate NOW.
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The Tooth that Wouldn't Die

quizzicalsphinx is seething about teething:
My second wisdom tooth is behaving in every way like its predecessor. It came in, straight and true, plenty of room, no trouble . . . and no enamel. No soon did it fully emerged did it begin to dissolve. Silly tooth. Did you not see what happened to the last wisdom tooth that gave me shit? We ripped that one out by the roots.

The tooth, realising that its time is near, is behaving like this is its last week at a job it already hated: it's causing as much trouble as possible. Today, while I was brushing, a tiny bit of tooth crumbled. I spat it out, unaware that the tooth was not merely decaying--it was creating for itself a weapon. A long, sharp, jagged splinter with which it could gouge its initials into the side of my mouth, over and over. Pretty soon it'll hang a poster of Rita Hayworth to disguise the hole and start plotting to escape before I can get it to the dentist.

That's all she wrote!
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In a discussion of French words in the dinosaurcomics feed:

pauldrye: No, the best french word ever is "farter" (pronounced fart-AY), which is the obscure but nevertheless real verb for "to apply wax to, as in skiis or snowboards".

When you are an seven-year-old boy and in a French immersion class there's nothing better than discovering it exists, then conjugating it at recess for all your friends.

chezmax: je farts, tu farts, il fart
nous fartons, vous fartez, ils fartent?

Or is it irregular? :)

pauldrye: Not if you get enough fibre in your diet.

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