June 25th, 2008


annajaneclare reviews chick lit so you don't have to.

Of course, Venetia gets to call her an airhead, but Venetia is a FUCKING BITCH with a First Class degree in being a FUCKING BITCH from the Department of FUCKING BITCH Studies at BITCHES COLLEGE Cambridge. And she knows, like, Latin and shit...fucking bitch. With her fucking bitch degree from fucking bitch college - like, how did she get that anyway? By being a FUCKING BITCH? Yeah, like, totally? Inorite?

So, moral of the story, ladies. Don't get an Oxbridge education. Or you will end up being a FUCKING BITCH, k? A FUCKING BITCH who goes round calling helpless little millionaire's wives airheads, which is nasty, even when it's stating a stone obvious fact.
- Context has aspirations towards calling all sorts of people airheads with impunity.