June 23rd, 2008

Don't Ask Me I'm Just the Author

autumnashes gets visual in an argument on fuckyou_rp:

There's an imaginary world where people play out their fantasies by pretending to be someone else. No two imaginations or skill levels are ever actually the same, so of course there's frustration. Then you get a list like this where it should be healthy to an extent to vent those frustrations, except sometimes posters just get downright mean--often without meaning to or realising it--and attack actual people instead of just the particular lines they're frustrated with.

So then of course other people are going to back their friends, because it's not really fair to attack a person's entire, well,
person based on the fictional lines they toss out in cyberspace. And anybody who has a friend knows that it's natural to get supremely indignant at what's perceived as an unfair slight, and sometimes they go over the top.

Then that indignity comes off more as an attack than the defense it was meant to be, which means out comes the literary gang bang, then the exchange turns into an argument and somebody gets pissed, and that gets somebody else pissed, then there's the threat to hack computers and get addresses and send uncles/cousins/interweb friends to peoples' houses with rusty nailed baseball bats, and the next thing you know there's an explosion of serial beatings with hardback copies of the Chicago Manual of Style while hordes of drama llamas perform perfectly choreographed, explicit sexual acts upon gaggles of cat macros in the background to the soundtrack of

Worlds colide, nations fall, kittens' heads r pastede on yay, and then your internet personas end up on Fandom Wank covered substances you can't really identify the origins or composition of.

I've been on all sides. It's all fun and games until you get up in the morning with a headache and check your LJ threads only to realise you were the douche whose underwear ended up in the punch bowl.

Context is flocked and frolicking with the drama llamas.