June 18th, 2008

The "I love it" might be a lie, too.

maugorn concludes a conversation with phone scammers:
"Gary, obviously you're not answering my question here for a reason. But how about you tell me the address of your company" to which he eventually, after multiple murmurings, repetitions, and eventually an exhortation to spell it out for me he gave me this precious bit of fraud:
7419 Maryland Ave
Oklahoma, Utah

So I immediately typed this in to Google and got garbage back.
The Zip Code, turned out to be definitely NOT Utah.

"So Gary, how about that? Just now, as CEO of your company, you told me a phony address which is not connected to anything, let alone a real company, and a zipcode that is bogus as well, and not even for the state you claim to be in."
"Are you there Gary?"
"Oh Gary. Gary White. Paging Gary White whose name rhymes with Barry White, but whose voice is not nearly so low and sexy. Come on Gary. Lie to me some more. I LOVE it when you lie."

Context is about making scammers cry.

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sarahtales, as always.

COACHMAN: Let's sing a song about Molly Malone.
LIL MISS HELLO KITTY: In Dublin's fair city, where the girls are so pretty-
SARAH: Sweetie, no, that song is about ladies of easy virtue.
SARAH: ... Uh. Um. Look! The horsie is doing a wee.

Context is hurriedly changing the subject.