June 17th, 2008


One of sherrib's body-rooms is complaining...

Dear Uterus,

I recognize your rabid desire to house another tenant. I also realize that the cute little plastic T I gave you this morning is not your ideal renter. However, the timing of your request, less than 7 months after your previous resident moved on to more roomy accommodations, is neither medically nor financially feasible. This will just have to do for now. I understand you're angry, but since I was kind enough to explain the situation to you, it is my hope that you will see fit to cease your attempts to evict the new inhabitant via earthquake and squeeze tactics after a reasonably short time. I'm sure if you just relax, you'll barely even notice her. I promise she won't live there forever, and we will make every effort to find a boarder more to your liking in a few years, once we have a place to put that one after it outgrows your walls. Thank you.

The Mgt.

Context is TMI (as well as the entirety of the post).
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woekitten needs some marshmallows.


Hello, Pope? Just a head's up. The Apocalypse is scheduled for June 20th, 2008.


Yeah, it's on a Toronto weather site.


Well, the icon indicates that it'll be partly cloudy on that day, but you know how it is in the summertime. Brimstone showers always pop up when you plan a picnic.

Context sees something strange at her local weather station. QWP, read the rest of the post.
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