June 14th, 2008

  • jaie

squeeful takes up on behalf of her nipples.

Is the plural of "love button" "switchboard of passion"?

This is probably the delight of many a man and the occational woman around me, but I still don't get what's the big deal about nipple show through. It's a nipple. Everyone has them. No, I don't care if kids see mine adding an extra bump or two to the front of my shirt. You know what they'd see if they looked down their own shirts? OMG NIPPLES! Somebody slap some pasties on that child. Guys don't go around sticking "nipples blossoms" on their chests; I'm not going to on mine. Besides, my nipples become dimples at the thought of taking them off. It's like someone stuck a Band-Aid in a bad, bad place.

Imagine if people stuck pasties on everything with nipples. I don't think my cat would stand for it.

And now, as I am sleep-deprived with black smudges under my eyes, I'm having visions of wild breast-creatures roaming free and unfettered until people come riding up on their penis-horses, rope them, and slap a padded sticker on their backs, thus smothering their proud nipple-ness.

Bedtime now, before I draw pictures to illustrate.

Context doesn't like pasties. Cornish or otherwise.

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Context has a past.