June 13th, 2008


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prozac_pixie on the 'trial and error' prescription method of UK doctors...

"Here, take this, might work. What do you mean you're now blind and the pain in your leg hasn't gone away? Ok, try this, if your left arm falls off the dosage is too high. Oh, your arm fell off. You mean I didn't tell you to stop when your ears went numb? My bad. You can see again though, right? Good. Try this, it won't help your arm, but you'll get feeling back in your ears. It will cause leg cramp though. What? This is the stuff I gave you for the headaches you first came to see me about before the leg pain started? Well that makes a whole loada sense..."

Context is having no luck getting a diagnosis on the NHS. (QWP)
adults-when did it happen?
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Evil is the new diet

On a rant about Jaffar having an eating disorder in a fic.

seiberwing: Jafar's fairly skinny compared to the others, but I think that's just a natural side effect of being Evil.

wazira_sharira:"Black robes not fitting properly? Just try being a little more evil! Kicking puppies is good exercise after all! And don't worry about those meals you skip while you're scheming to take over the kingdom. Yes, the combination of your new villainous lifestyle and the laws of narrative causality will make those annoying extra pounds vanish before you can say 'Are they feeding Yzma?'"*

*Disclaimer: may not work if you are half octopus and live under the sea.

Context doesn't think half octopus need to lose weight anyway.

Well, THAT'S a...relief?

xuincherguixe allays people's fears about 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons:

4e isn't WoW, its...

-A spatula
-The fries you got with that
-An enraged badger
-A conspiracy of Ravens
-That large crop of Asparagus
-Antagonistic electric stars that breathe murder
-Antagonistic electric stars that breathe gerbils
-A diet coke
-An accurate horse thief simulation
-An excuse to teach trees Kung Fu
-A cunning plan
-The wolf that will swallow the sun, and the wolf that will swallow the moon
-A form of Blank Media that will replace DVDs.
-What will bring world peace
-What will end world hunger
-A large squirrel with a saddle that one can ride on
-The Dragon who arranged it's own assassination

Context may cause 3d10 Sanity loss.

Meganphntmgrl makes observations about the nature of fandom.

Megan explains how fandom works.

Megan's Law of Fandom Attraction
In any given fandom with attention paid to fictional characters (or historical figures used fictitiously), regardless of target age group of the original work of fiction (in book, comic, film, radio play, theatrical presentation, short story or any other form), characters intended by the author of the original work to be unlikable, unattractive or some combination thereof will always ultimately attract the greatest number of fans and romantic devotees among the adult age group of the fandom.

Context has been paying attention.