June 11th, 2008

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World's newest delicacy...

Over in fanficrants, lady_gondor is tired of seeing everything but a summary of a fic on her friends page:

It would be like ordering the soup d’jour knowing only that it’s moderately spicy and that the recipe was once featured in Good Housekeeping. That’s all well and good, but is it tomato? Chicken wild rice? Cheddar broccoli?

Good evening, madam. Tonight’s special is a lovely red cortina of exactly 5,397 words - a meal that will satisfy you in one sitting without leaving you stuffed. It has bold flavors of Sam/Gene with an undercurrent of Sam/Maya, and an aftertaste with hints of oak, nuts, and character death. 

Context has suddenly lost it's appetite.  Public post, but QWP anyway.
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donwaughesq has some culinary ruminations.

I'm a baker. That means I'm a scientist. We don't guess at our ingredients: rather, we know that we have to add this and this and this, otherwise that happens, where that is a bad thing. Cooks, on the other hand, can fudge their recipes and get away with something, even if it's not what they were aspiring to, to begin with. I envy cooks for that ability to make magic, away from the rules.

Context is in a locked cupboard, but there's a can of permission behind the flour tin.
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The context (QWP) = OP asking if it's possible she could get pregnant by sleeping with a bisexual woman.

thebigbadbutch relpied:

Immaculate Conception. The religious right has been saying the gays are a sign of The End of Times. Now one of us is finally giving birth to the Antichrist.
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