June 8th, 2008


krakenwakes "demystifies" geek jargon for us.

Talking about computers is hard without a sound grasp of the jargon. Here is a small sample of words in common usage.

* Network Outage = system administrator caught looking at gay porn

* Defenestrate = to uninstall windows

* Blag = to blog

* Blog = to blag

* Distributed resources = several different copies on several different machines, no one knows which is the latest version

* rm -rf / = Unix apocalypse

* Segmentation Fault = failure to peel an orange neatly

* xkcd = A webcomic - just mention it, it's like a secret handshake for boffins

* Friends (as defined in C++) = allowed to use each other's private members. N.B. In the real world this is generally considered slightly more than friends.

* IMPLICIT NONE = Fortran porn ahead

* Porn = internet

* Mac = poncey Unix box

* Infinity = 0111111110000000000000000000000 - assuming you're using a thirty-two bit processor with the IEEE standard

* Bus Error = late because of public transport

* 'Its not a bug, it's a feature' = handy phrase
- Context only serves to confuse the issue further.