June 6th, 2008

Coconut Baron!
  • smu

LOL goths...

suitablyemoname about someone being snarked in sf_drama:

15)Your day job: on-line customer service while going to school to be a professor [History and French]

"So, Mister... Gregory Dandy... what do you feel you can bring to our faculty?"
"I feel my dashing wit and appreciation for the true intricacies of goth culture to such a point where I get a hard-on arguing with people 1/3rd my age on the internet makes me eminently employable."
"I see. And what were you expecting in terms of compensation?"
"I should like a nubile young virgin once a fortnight. Beyond that, you may pay me in sinister-looking dark cloaks."

QWP, because friends don't let friends dress like the Crow