June 4th, 2008


In which The Omniscient God of Love Knows That Love Hurts

In response to my post, jazzfish takes the wheel in the car on the road to hell:


This morning, on the way to work, I read the sign outside the Lutheran-or-maybe-Methodist church down the street. It said:

The Lord God Almight Loves You!
He Really Does!

Which I smiled at for a brief moment before my mind added in a few extra lines to the sign:

No Really, He's Not Just Saying That.
Please Stop Crying.
He Did Not Mean It Like That.
It Was All Just a Mistranslation, Honestly.

jazzfish: Why you gotta make Him keep smiting you, baby?

Context suspects the Isrealites didn't actually walk into a doorknob. QWP.
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Masked Recidivists Have Ruined My Vacation!

ludickid offers an international perspective on cinema:

Tops at the Loew's Xiangtan ChinaPlex, week of 06/02/2008
#1. Please Join Me and My Promiscuous Friends for Overconsumption of Cranberried Spirits (元56.8)
#2. Running Dog Archaeologist Exploits Natives In Futile Resistance of the Heroic Soviet (元44.8)
#3. Masked Recidivists Have Ruined My Vacation! (元21.1)
#4. Let Us Fervently Wish For the Demise of the Vile Armored War Profiteer (元13.5)
#5. Banish the Long-Discredited Religious Dogmatist from His Propped-Up, Dying Aristocracy (元12.7)
#6. I Wish to Wed Amongst Gamblers and Prostitutes So Kindly Facilitate My Shame (元6.6)
#7. Mighty Car-Racing Hero of Greatness: The Moving Picture Film (元2.26)
#8. Decadent and Degenerate Practices of the Selfish Bourgeoise Has Resulted in Gender Confusion (元1.9)

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The folks at lkh_lashouts ponder LKH's decision not to tell her child about Robert Asprin

icecreamempress: And not telling Trinity that Robert Asprin died? WTF? Does she think that Trinity thinks every author she reads is still alive? 'OH HONEY, DON'T WORRY--C.S. LEWIS WENT TO A FARM. WHERE HE PLAYS WITH BEATRIX POTTER AND SHAKESPEARE. HE'S HAPPY THERE! DON'T CRY!'

easol: And they play tiddlywinks with Homer, Tolkien and Byron! None of them have died!

phillyphaerie: And Sylvia Plath is there too, but she's all broody on a lawn chair, like, drinking a martini at 11:00 am and smoking.

Context is even more terrifyingly stupid than you can imagine . . .
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