June 1st, 2008

ed and jonny

Go Team Indy!

Over on moviebuffs, seriousfic gives a run down of the latest Indianna Jones movie...

They go to a malt shop, filled with greasers (the motorcycle kind, not the racist kind) and preppies. There’s a classic rock song playing on the jukebox. Luckily, Mutt has a motorcycle, because outside there’s a shark just waiting to be jumped…

MUTT: Blah blah blah crystals skulls, blah blah blah Ox.

INDY: Blah blah blah exposition-cakes.

MUTT: Blah blah blah Da Vinci Code.

INDY: Blah blah blah fucked your mother.

MUTT: Blah blah wait what? My mother Marion?

INDY: As in Marion Ravenwood, as played by Karen Allen from the opening credits?

MUTT: You never know, it might be some entirely different Marion. (winks)

INDY: Yeah, right.

MUTT: And we’re in no way related. (winks)

INDY: Have you got something in your eye?

The whole thing is made of win. Open entry, QWP anyway.
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