May 27th, 2008


Indiana Jones and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

number42 feels that IJ4 is Number Two:

I went to see Indy IV today so you won't have to.

Non-spoiler version - it was co-written by George "I want to take a dump on all your childhood memories" Lucas.

George, you are a rich man. I want talented people to come to you with the idea for a new movie. I want you to take out your checkbook and write them a check. Then I want you to
drop the pen - that last part is very important. The only thing I want you to write from now on is your name on a check.

Context will give you the even funnier spoiler versions, but only if you'll throw the whip.


My genius friends let me show them to you.

In which tcpip reminds us all that his job is infinitely cooler than ours are:
Last week was pretty standard workwise. It included supercomputer installations of a molecular dynamics simulator, a collection of molecular mechanical force fields for the simulation of biomolecules and, in terms of sounding quite awesome, the package for performing ab-initio quantum-mechanical molecular dynamics using pseudopotentials and a plane wave basis set.

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copperbadge and juniper200 discuss The Latest Wank.

juniper200: ".... I have an idea -- let's everybody not be assholes and pornographers. Maybe if we tone it down to jerks and perverts, everything will be okay."

copperbadge: "Wait, wait. Can I be a pornographer but not an asshole? I suppose I could settle for pervert, though."

juniper200: "I think of you as more of a smutmonger."

copperbadge: "What about "purveyor of salaciousness"? I do like the word salaciousness.

juniper200: "It probably sounds better with an accent; when I say it, it sounds like I'm having an epileptic fit."

copperbadge: "Well, you have to say "salaciousness" with a kind of dirty relish."

juniper200: "Like, done with unwashed pickles?"

Context has relish. And how.


sukael on a bad RP idea...Jedi Vimes?

In bad_rpers_suck, sukael comments on why RPing Vimes from Discworld as a Jedi is so weird:
It's one of those "SIGFAULT ERROR" things for me, given that the general Jedi moral code amounts to either Lawful Good hinging on Lawful Stupid (pre-Luke) or Neutral Good hinging on Stupid Good (post-Luke), and Vimes is more in the way of Lawful Neutral hinging on I Will Beat Your Head In With This Post, So Help Me, You Damn Well Better Shape Up Right Now Or I'll Hurt You So Bad Your Ancestors Will Wonder Why They Have Pain In Places That Haven't Been Invented Yet.

Context involves a discussion of other RP bad ideas.
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dark goat

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diosa_en_disfra comments on a recent modelling job:

It's probably the creepiest I've ever been. And I also think it best exemplifies the experience Warren Ellis predicted when I told him I was going to shoot with Chad in sunny LA: "You think you're going to see the sun? It's a Chad Michael Ward shoot. You're going to be in an abandoned hospital, naked and smeared in crude oil, kneeling in front of a thalidomide man in a wheelchair wearing a pointy hat and flagellating his cock with a length of bicycle chain. For twelve hours."

Context is probably fapping.
Magic Smiff

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The lovely fodian, amidst discussion of John Barrowman:

Oh, I totally agree that Barrowman is adorable. He's like a three year old boy on coke in a grown man's body. Except with the filthy vocabulary of a 89-year old female prostitute that services mostly sailors. Which is kind of why I don't find him hot.

Context wants Ianto Jones. Don't we all? QWP.
Name Grunge

simplist Has Stared into the Face of Evil

I am pretty much the least superstitious person evar, but I will tell you that if you order soup and a large drink from Panera Bread in a state with 6% sales tax, the total will come to $6.66 and you may or may not proceed to fling change everywhere, spill said large drink all over the passenger seat of your car and spend two hours (TWO HOURS) painstakingly cleaning it all out, AND get lost on the two mile drive home.


Context just wants some soup.
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