May 26th, 2008

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neadods left MediaWestCon early.

I drove until I should have stopped 45 minutes earlier, got off at the first exit that promised better lodgings than Uncle Inbred's Pennsyltucky Guest House and Chainsaw Emporium, crashed at the first Mildew Drop Inn off the exit, slept poorly for five hours, and tossed for another two before I gave up and hit the road again at a time of day I prefer not to personally experience.

Context has a NSFW bit at the end.
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An anon regarding some of the the cliches first done by Cassandra Claire in the Draco Trilogy:

"*blinks rapidly* Well, she HAS been busy, hasn't she? Why doesn't she just read about BDSM My Little Ponies or something? Because I swear to you, that's what it sounds like. (If she writes something like that, I never want to hear about it. My Little Ponies, along with the rest of my childhood, are sacrosanct. Hear that, Suethors? SACROSANCT.)"

Context has given me iiiiiiinteresting mental images of Mary-Sues.

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shizukun's tale of the WoW-playing mother

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Fast forward a few months. K is on a PVP server, working on a lowbie NE druid, and suddenly, this level 70 Horde rogue ganks her. And proceeds to corpse camp her.


See, after a while of this, K logged off in a huff, rather annoyed about that. Soon afterward, she gets a phone call from her mom, who asks how her day is going and all. K explains that she's a mite upset because of getting corpse camped on a PVP server, and... 'Well, I'm sorry to hear that, dear. But you really suck."

The capper? K got a silkscreened t-shirt a little afterward. It read, "I GOT PWNT BY MY MOM IN WoW".</i>

Context really can't make stuff up like this.

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thetathx1138: Deep in the bowels of the Vagina Dentata Research Institute:

"My God, Henderson! They didn't lose their teeth! They developed a caustic secretion that erodes the penis! They evolved! GOD HELP US ALL THEY EVOLVED!"

zeiss_manifold: LOL. It does sound like a bad b-movie of sorts:

"The vagina have mutated, Dr. Henderson! What do we do?"
"It's time to use...the atomic bomb!"

Context friendslocked. QWP.
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lampbane on what makes her do her Nelson Munz impersonation

And once we entered the Beacon Theater there she was, Carmen Sandiego! Along with Princess Peach, Dr. Mario, and Waluigi. And they all proceeded to get very, very drunk. Maybe they needed to get drunk to feel better about the fact that they wore costumes to an event where they would spend most of it sitting in the dark, where no one could see that they were wearing costumes.

Context went to see a serious concert, about video game music.
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Newton Awards

Over at bad_rpers_suck, dgg makes a point on gravity and its consequences:

I don’t know what is more funny; the fact that you brag about how tough your new magic armor is and how impossible it is for the bad guys to hit you, or the fact that you fall on your ass each and every time you make a climbing skill check because you insist on keeping your armor on and taking the -6 penalty.

Do you realize that your biggest nemesis in our game, is a fucking ladder!?

Context has its own Icarus Wings. F-locked, QWP.