May 22nd, 2008

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jaylake learns things from cancer....

* Sleeping on my back really sucks
* Sleeping on my back is the only option when I have an epidural, a catheter, a neckline and a wrist IV
* When I have all those lines coming out of me, I am like a hydraulic Pinocchio
* Having a colonic resectioning does not in fact make my turds shorter
* Cold restarts of the digestive system are even less fun than you think
* With oyxcodone, I can fly without a plane, with Dilaudid I am merely a portable moron

Context claims not to be a tumor, at least in the icon....

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sinedelecta gives her stepdad what-for:

Dear Stepdad.

Yep, the two men we saw on television were gay. They were featured on a program for 'Britains Best House', and when they won, the only thing to come out of your mouth was 'shirtlifting faggots'.
Yep, they are, as you so delicately put it, homosexual.
But, dude; I don't think they give a shit if you think they're 'faggots' or not. They own a fucking castle. Bite it.

In its country, context is a queen, so it outranks you. Flocked, QWP.
[Contemplation] Deep silent complete

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On discworld, singsonggirl summarizes a video about Terry the Amazing Raven:

"Terry the Raven learned how to talk from his owner, Gary. Being extremely smart for a bird, which is not very smart at all by human standards, Terry has a wide vocabulary including "come on Terry come on Terry come on Terry come on Terry," "Hullo Terry hullo Terry hullo Terry hullo Terry" and "AAAAARRRRRRRSE." "

Context loves its pirate bird.
bro & sis

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In which my brother bolddeciever knows what's up:

Sure, the press has written it off as a prank, but that brave guard clearly recognized the first vanguard of the robotic crusade against human morals and decency. "First they came for the dissident chess grandmasters, and I didn't speak out because I was not a dissident chess grandmaster..."

Be warned!
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fidgety enters a world of Lucasian Pittsburgh:

I befriended a young go-getter named Leopold Mortimer Clockhands III. He was from an aristocratic family of Grand Moff impersonators. However, he's just like everybody else. He's just starting off as a lowly Storm Trooper, but he has big dreams of becoming Darth Vader someday. It's sort of like being president, but much cooler. The Emperor is in charge of everything, but Darth Vader gets to look badass and strangle people with the Force until one of the Grand Moffs makes him stop. When he's not doing that, he gets to blow up Rebel bases, attend all the best Imperial parties, and drink all the Wookiee Martinis he wants.

Sensing that some time abroad would someday enhance his political career, Leopold Mortimer Clockhands III (called "Scruffy", a childhood nickname that came about after an incident involving a Lego man and an unfortunate haircut) stowed away in my pocket. I didn't find him until after I arrived home, but once he explained his ambitions, I was more than happy to help him out.

Scruffy and I have bonded. I really like having him around. Being the nice guy that he is, he agreed to model my engagement ring since a few people mentioned that they wanted to see it.

Context shall witness the power of this fully operational jewelry. (Phlox: Queer With Potential)