May 16th, 2008

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Ben sat there in the purest of pure shock, not even reacting, and slowly turned his head to look at me, an expression of Did that really just happen? writ large across his whiskers. This sort of the thing does not go down. Ben beats Angus up. Angus takes it and purrs. The order of the cosmos was upset. I patted Ben comfortingly and promised I'd never tell.* Angus did a few victory laps around the living room, saw the Enemy Cat, who was watching with intense fascination--this was better than cable, he might never go home again--and charged the glass, with the predictable thudding results.

Context's cats are giving the new Gladiator's series a run for it's money.
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wordsofastory pens an archaeological hit...

New Kids on the Ice

In other news, today was the last day of one of my classes, and therefore everyone was giving presentations covering their projects. One girl, describing the Stone Age Venus figurines (things like the Venus of Willendorf), mentioned a couple possible theories for their purpose, including "Paleolithic erotica". And then she went on to describe her project.

But before the next speaker started, while we were waiting for the next presentation to load, one of my friends muttered, "Paleolithic erotica."

So I said, "Oh, baby." As you do.

She said, "Are you talking about the theory that they're giving birth?"

"No," I explained. "I am singing to the figurines." And I did. "Oh, baby, baby. You get me hot."

"Paleolithic boybands!"

I had to add to that. "New Kids on the Ice. With their hit single: Oh, baby, your pendulous breasts are so fine / I think about them when I am hunting reindeer."

And then I realized everyone was laughing at me, including the professor, and so I had to stop.

That's most of it, but context continues to do the Dinosaur Rock. QWP.
I'm Batman.

Well I suppose you might as well follow through...

collegeanna19 witnesses an unintentionally funny moment on tonight's Dateline:

Was watching Dateline's report about a real-life Fatal Attraction-type case, and when the reporter asked the widower why he carried on the affair, the widower started his explanation with the words "When you've soiled yourself" and then got this blank expression on his face before continuing with "When you've dirtied yourself, when you've gotten in the mud, you think a little more mud won't hurt." You know the kind of face I mean: you say something that comes out completely, terribly wrong-sounding and you KNOW it.

Except this time, it was on national television. Instead of paying hard attention to the rest of what the guy was saying, every time they showed his face, all I could hear was "When you've soiled yourself." It was the most inappropriately-timed laughter I've ever experienced.

Context has the potential for Church-giggles. Not locked, but QWP anyway.
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