May 9th, 2008

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wits has some choice words about Barack Obama's elitist ass:

I want the fucking elitist person out there be president. I want someone who went to the best college and looks down on dumb people because they are DUMB. I do not want a president who I can have a beer with. That is what my friends are for. I want a president who will make you stfd because they are so smart. I want a president who will be like "wow you're an idiot i went to motherfucking harvard [so] shut the fuck up" Hell yeah.

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Fanfic by Erika

Phonics: The gateway drug!

whomever, ranting about summaries in fanficrants:

Random mismatched words are not a summary! They are... a spelling bee! They are a failed English test! They are a lost game of Hooked on Phonics! (and has anyone else ever thought that they shouldn't use the words "hooked on"? might as well play Snorting Phonics, or Shooting Up Phonics. perhaps even get the whole family around the table for Doing Lines of Phonics Off a Hooker's Ass.)

Context isn't learning to read.
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That Friday Feeling

thehappypoet, in a dicussion on naming body parts (it's been that sort of Friday):

my old flat mate upped an disappeared one day, so i searched his room for anything worth taking. I found his old mobile phone and on it was a picture of his cock with the title "Mighty Thor!" which, from the evidence i saw, was a bit of a misnomer.