April 26th, 2008


king_felix updates his list

I list the hilarious tragedies of life thusly:

1. You are not obligated to love anyone.
2. No one is obligated to love you.
3. No one can ever really know what it's like to be anyone else.
4. All beauty is subjective, as is all suffering, and all pain.
5. All decisions are made in near-total ignorance.
6. You're only really a human being for a good, solid, thirty years.
7. Energy is not an inexhaustible resource.
8. Nikola Tesla is dead.
9. You can love liberally, but you'll probably never get anything done.
10. Someday you will drink yourself to sleep. (If Fitzgerald can do it, so can you.)

I'm sure there are plenty others, but at the moment, they escape me.

Context is depressing the hell out of me, man.
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fnordx, on mst3k:

So, many of you may be hearing about all the hubbub about the "Open Source Boob Project" recently, and I just had this thought come into my head:

"The Open Source Torgo Project"

Women can wear buttons showing their willingness to have their hair fondled in a clumsy and creepy manner.

Context has catchy theme music.
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Cloud Droplets Are Twenty Microns

A New Mnemonic

calamityjon teaches us some new rules:

"I" before "E"
When sounded like "ee"
As in "shrieve" and "believe"
Except after "C"
Such as "receive" and "deceive"
Or when sounded like "A"
As in "neighbor" or "weigh"
Unless there's an "S"
Such as "Science" and "Prescience"
And speaking of science
To rules it does violence
with "caffeine" and "protein"
And other such nonsense
Or if one is a doer
Such as a "financier"
Or in climates icier
Such as near a glacier
Or if a word is all fancy
Like "Oneiromancies"
It breaks the rule twice
(which isn't too nice)
Oh, and in New England
Where "ee-ther" and "nee-ther"
Might, with local accents,
Be "neye-ther" and "eye-ther"
And then there's prefixes
Which make innocent i-words
With a "de-" or a "re-"
Rule violators
And then there are names
Of places and people
But outside of those
It's really quite simple.

Context is starting to get a little worried about English, really.