April 24th, 2008

The Roach Mafia

bkwrrm_tx discovers the Texas roach Mafia:

Roach traps seem to assume you have normal, every day roaches; not creatures the size of leviathan. We have water bugs. These are roaches on WWF steroids. These are roaches with an adrenal problem and an attitude. These are roaches that huff borax and take down the cat two falls out of three. I've stepped on water bugs, removed my foot and seen it looking at me, waving its antenna and clearly saying 'That's all you got, bitch?".

We don't need roach motels. We need roach 3-story condos, with valet parking. And on-site assassins.

I'm actually kind of afraid to go to sleep tonight. They might just be insulted and decide to leave a head in my bed or something.

Context is being made an offer she can't refuse.
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chowyunsmut is elucidating the differences between therapy and alcohol....

"I just think that therapy would be cheaper than bar tabs. Problem is, it's also nowhere near as fun, and most people aren't able to black out and not recall what happened in their therapy session. "I was drunk" is a more plausible excuse than "I was in a session". (Although, now that I'm thinking about it, it would be pretty effing funny to hear somebody use that as a substitute for "I was drunk"...)"

Context is blogging for RAINN, but she won't remember in the morning....someone should give her more water.
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the_glow_worm documents an intriguing phenomenon.

So there I was this morning, calmly waiting for the two crazy guys on the video announcements to tell me in any number of highly unamusing and frankly, sad ways what I was eating today at the Energy Zone, which is the name of our ever-so-charming food dispensary. Sitting, as one does, like a quiet little mouse who already needs another meal and it's shaping up to be another long day at that good ole center for education on many subjects some of which might even be the ones taught--


There's a commotion behind me. People are casting bored looks at the tv and then taking second glances. And thirds. And finally getting sucked in, their mouths open in the same befuddlement that salmon no doubt experience when a bear bitch-slaps them out of the water. What is happening?

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hardvice has a few pet peeves about food:

Whole milk is only 3% milk fat, for fuck's sake. If you are using 2% or 1%, then you fucking suck. You've traded tons of flavour and performance for a negligible difference in fat. GREAT JOB! And if you're using skim milk, then you are paying a price per gallon higher than gasoline for fucking water. Here's a simple recipe for skim milk: take one gallon of water. Now dip a bar of soap in it until it's vaguely cloudy. It will have the appearance, taste, and utility of skim milk, and it's practically free.

QWP, Context is full of hate (and delicious, delicious fat)