April 23rd, 2008

Look Where Sadly the Poor Wretch--

weaselwoman13 is having some work problems...

It would be great if we could have his original documents, but I'm not even sure whether they still exist. Perhaps I should attempt to contact him...

Edit: Well, it looks like if I'm going to contact him I'm going to need to bring in a specialist, because my supervisor informs me that he's

And then, in the comments:

I seriously feel like holding a seance and asking him "WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST USE HTML?"

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vision wanda whoopie

Someone pitch this to Miramax, quick!

The always informative and supremely imaginative sclerotic_rings has Hollywood on his mind:

Incidentally, considering the hype about the film, I think it's time to talk to ekeppich and meleah about doing a screenplay about their chosen professions. A specialist in Maya marketplaces and a specialist in fossil marsupials...and a freak accident with a particle accelerator gives them superpowers. I see it making $200 million its first weekend.

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After a surprise snowfall in the middle of April confuses the flowers, kehrli knows what Spring is really about:

I like animals better than plants. Reason? Animals at least have the common courtesy to keep their procreational activities OUTSIDE of my nasal passages. Trees, on the other hand, have absolutely no qualms about trying to have sex in my nose, the bastards.

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The definition of scandinavia is discussed on mock_the_stupid

voksen: Scandinavia is kind of a mutable region, though afaik it does always involve Sweden. It does not always include Finland, though.
opalcat: What, like only on alternating Tuesdays or something?
voksen: Depending on whose definition of Scandinavia you're going with, and whether you're looking at it from a historic, linguistic, geographical, ethnic, or cultural point of view.

(...so on Tuesdays it's...?)
voksen: On Tuesdays it consists solely of men named Thor.
zenicurean: With horns on their hats.
voksen: No true Scandinavian owns fewer than three horn hats at any given time.
zenicurean: And a set of mighty drinking horns. Stored in bland, sensible IKEA cabinets.
moongazingfae: I... I'm trying to think of a witty reply but in actual fact, I'm just sitting here and giggling like an idiot.
zenicurean: They keep the bone cups wrought from the skulls of their enemies back at the sailing boat, in the beer cooler.

context is looking for a new bone cup to add to its collection