April 17th, 2008

Don't Ask Me I'm Just the Author

razorbagel discusses honeymoons in weddingplans.

In reply to a comment where she'd mentioned "the shores of the Sunshineywondersea," alethiometric elaborates:

Yes, it's a beautiful place just off the coast of Sunshineywonderland, which is to the south of Ratherboringeverywhere and to the west of the less boring but much colder Tooexpensiveprettyland (native land of the Special Snowflake).

I hear that the Sunshineywondersea is full of fantastic wildlife, including the exotic Lolrus. There have even been unconfirmed reported sightings of the dreaded Greater Subtropical Spotted Lolcat, Panthera roffles.

Context is watching a Lolrus in its native habitat.

And now I'm humming it, dammit.

fodian: I'm in the kind of mood where I'm listening to Kathy's Song and the song builds and builds and crescendos at I stand alone without beliefs and Simon is sort of raging there and then he takes a breath and sings the next line softly: the only truth I know is you, and it's *killing* me. Do you think Garfunkel minded being called "Kathy" in bed?

Context loves the second person singular.