April 16th, 2008

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johncwright clears up some scifi terms for everyone:

Droid: a droid is a robot. Not to be confused with android, which means an artificial person. Just to be clear on this point: the Vision is an android, whereas Machine-Man is a robot. Robotman, on the other hand, is a cyborg. Cyborg is also a cyborg, not to be confused with Deathlok, who is also a cyborg, but more badass. Wonder Man is not a cyborg, but an energy being shaped like a man, whereas Adam Warlock is an artificially created human, therefore an android, but he is not a warlock. Doctor Strange is, however, a warlock, but no longer a doctor, due to a crippling accident. Doctor Druid is not a doctor, but he is a druid, a member of a pagan nature religion, not to be confused with droid. As far as can be determined, there are no droid druids. Superman is a space alien, whereas Brainiac is a space alien robot. In his Fortress of Solitude, Superman often makes robot duplicates of himself, so these are robots of a space alien. Doctor Doom also makes robot duplicates of himself, which are manlike in shape, and therefore can be called androids, but not droids. Syndrome made a battlerobot called an Omnidroid, but it was shaped like a rollerball with tentacles. There were no robots, droids, androids, or space aliens in Rollerball, but it starred James Cahn, and I think it is an underrated movie. James Cahn is not to be confused with Khan, or, as we fans like to call him KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN.

Context can also explain "nerf-herder".
agent may is unimpressed

ursulav's tale from the post office on April 15th

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So I finally get up to the front, buy my book of stamps, apply my ONE stamp, mail my envelope, and turn around.

Line is still about a dozen people long. Do I NEED a book of stamps? Naaah. Do I need the karmic balance? Almost certainly.

I cleared my throat and said "Hell, is anybody else just waiting to buy a stamp?"

Eyes riveted on me like vultures spotting tasty tasty self-stick roadkill.

"It's April fifteenth, I figure we're all in this together, and I really don't need the whole book..."

Let me just say that if you've never been in a stamp related feeding frenzy...well, it's an experience.

In less than one minute the line was halved, my stamps were gone, and I think I came out three bucks ahead on the deal, but I'm not entirely sure.

Context is all about the karmic balance.

I will filk until the wind changes

I'm amused by a headline, squeeful rises to the occasion:

Zim ziminey
Zim ziminey
Zim zim zuree
Zimbabwe is all fucked
As fucked it can be.

Zim ziminey
Zim ziminey
Zim zim zeroo
Null votes have been cast when
Elections are through.
Dead given ballots
And that's counted too.

When all's said and done though the
Chads aren't hung.
You may think the state's
On the bottommost rung.

Moyo did run but
With Mugabe they're stuck.
Economy gone
Inflation run amok.

Context also danced with cartoon penguins.
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stupendous is in trooooouble~

Also, I dislike how my bank addresses me by my full name in e-mails. It makes me feel like I'm 10 years old again and my parents are yelling at me for not taking out the trash or something. "ERIN CATHERINE, DIDN'T YOU KNOW THAT ONLINE BILL PAY IS FREE FOR YOU!? GO TO YOUR ROOM AND THINK ABOUT WHY YOU HAVEN'T USED THIS FREE SERVICE!!"

Context is rebellious and never going to pay its fees again, so there!