April 14th, 2008


Regarding The Tudors on Showtime

rwday says:

I just saw a promo shot from a recent episode of 'The Tudors.' WTF? Henry VIII was 42 years old when he married Anne Boleyn and looked absolutely nothing like Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who appears to have gone through 20 years of history without aging a day. What on earth are they thinking? Is Henry supposed to be an immortal, like Highlander?? That would explain the head-chopping, I guess...
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hotarunokokoro goes shopping.

"*** and i just got back from tar-zhay.
this particular store is situated in the middle of a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood.

while i was checking out the latest lifescapes c.d., i stooped to pick one up off the floor- i had inadvertently knocked it off the shelf when choosing another c.d. to examine the label. i found myself in a somewhat comfortable frog-like position that you often see people of culture relaxing in while waiting. so i crouched and read the c.d. label.
while i was crouched down behind the cart i hear someone call out looking for their child...
'Marco!', i heard in a thick spanish accent.
i'm sorry i just couldn't resist!
'Polo' i said out loud. i was a natural reflex to that request i have normally heard while life guarding."

Q.W.P. Context is hiding...Pssst, try looking behind the locked entry ;)
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christastrophe is tired of the election year "elitism" meme:

"EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN WASHINGTON IS ELITIST. You have to be. You don't work a 30K job and become a Senator. You don't, like, leave the Senate chamber early because you're working the dinner shift and Gary wouldn't swap with you even though he promised he would and he knew how important this vote was. "

Context doesn't care if the next president eats cheese steak, pizza, or dragon babies; he just wants his mom to have health care.

A work story from asloudasmyheart:

One of the four-year-olds just came out to me at my desk and tugged at the back of my sweater. I turned around and she gravely informed me she had something very important to tell me.

Fearing I was going to need to make a call home to a parent, I asked her what it was.

"I'm going to save the world, you know."

I said, "Oh, really? That's awesome. How are you going to do that?"

She looks both ways in the hall to make sure no one's coming, and then she leans close and tells me, "...I have superpowers. But you can't tell anyone because you'll give away my secret identity. Shhhh."

And then she scampered off to class.

Context's secret identity works in a preschool.

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singsonggirl responds to the freakout over the Orphaned Art Act:

"I'm much more concerned about the Orphaned Fart Act, which dictates that whosoever first detected the flatulence by means of their olfactory sensors would automatically become the assumed origin of and therefore holder of all responsibility for said flatulence...

...I'm twelve."

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Pulp Fiction, as performed by the King's Men

ceruleanst gives us two passages of William Shakespeare's Pulp Fiction:

ACT I SCENE 2. A road, morning. Enter a carriage, with JULES and VINCENT, murderers.

J: And know'st thou what the French name cottage pie?
V: Say they not cottage pie, in their own tongue?
J: But nay, their tongues, for speech and taste alike
Are strange to ours, with their own history:
Gaul knoweth not a cottage from a house.
V: What say they then, pray?
J: Hachis Parmentier.
V: Hachis Parmentier! What name they cream?
J: Cream is but cream, only they say le crème.
V: What do they name black pudding?
J: I know not;
I visited no inn it could be bought.

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Context will know my name is the LORD.