April 13th, 2008

unamaga on whether or not Rodney from SGA is a nice guy

"Butting in here to say: yes! Yes he is Oscar the Grouch! Also, back in the beginning of the series, in Hot Zone, we saw Rodney as chief scientist being brisk and a little grouchy, but completely sincere in congratulating his underlings and telling them they did well. I think that's something people forget about Rodney - he's completely stunted when it comes to appreciating people, but he's always sincere when he manages it, and every time something happens to one of His People, you can see how much it affects him. He's sort of like a really disgruntled sheep herder who constantly complains about how smelly and annoying and inconvenient his sheep are, but will fight off wolves to protect them."

Context also has a perfectly lovely manip.
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This is your illness

lolleeroberts ponders movies and operas made about sick people:

Haven't posted because sitting around the house coughing and feeling sorry for myself is so boring unless you're a beautiful courtesan dying of tuberculosis. Then it's tragic and they write operas about you and Greta Garbo plays you in the movie. (But not a movie of the opera because Garbo couldn't sing, and singing with TB is kind of stupid anyway.)

Cue Double-You Pee. Context prefers Audrey Hepburn, or possibly Mia Farrow, to Garbo.
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