April 12th, 2008


Chowyunsmut used to tip for pizza delivery with DVD's of the adult varietal....


I called the pizza place, card in hand, and the guy who answered the phone recognized my address.

Him: Aren't you the house that...well...y'know...tips with...um...porn?
Me: Yup! We sure are!
Him: Oh cool! So, um...how come you have all of this porn to give away?
Me: Well, because I write reviews of the movies for a couple of different magazines, and once I've seen 'em, I don't need 'em any more and the mags don't want them back.
Him: Oh wow. Really? So that's cool. Um...you have, like, all kinds?
Me: Totally. Interracial, all-girl, solo, fetish - you name it, I've probably got it here.
Him: Even...um...(stammering for indeterminate amount of time, then whispering) stuff that's not boys and girls?
Me: Oh! Um, I don't have any all-male stuff, but I definitely have tranny movies. A few of 'em, I think.

Dude, it was like I told him that there really WAS a Santa Claus.

QWP, Context may not be worksafe and wonders what's in *your* stocking!

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Gacked from sarah_frost, without whom I would never have known the true meaning of the word “feminist”.

A is for Asuka, who kicked Angel arse,
B for du Barry, who made Louis laugh,
C is for Celie, to Shug gave her heart,
D is for Dido, the traveller's raw art,
E is for Elspeth, made destiny's vice,
F is for Fanny, integrity no price.
G for young Weasley, fiery and sure,
H is for Helga, a volcano no cure,
I is Irene, brighter than Holmes,
J for Juri, leopard to her bones.
K is for Kim, impossible a breeze,
Oya Olamina, planted Earthseeds.
M for Marie, in doomed love with Fersen,
Nanami Kiryuu, some strange scheme certain,
Oscar the leader, courage unfurled,
P for Pacifica, spoiled girl loves the world.
Q for Queen Cersei, defiant through nasty ways,
R bloody Rose, gladiator (it pays),
S for Selina, cat-thief extraordinaire,
T is for Tora, Fire and Ice a pair.
U is for Ursula, strong Sea-Witch still;
V is for Vipra, villain of own will.
Winia, Wakaba, good friends forever,
X is for Xena, dangerous endeavour,
Y for Yori, ninja gifts to lend,
And Z is for Zefiris, Earth's freedom to mend.

Context is better at poetry than it’s write gives herself credit for... (I can’t even THINK of that many female characters!)
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